The Air Force Has Grounded Its B-1B Bomber Fleet For The Second Time In A Year



The U.S.Air Force has ground its B-1B Bone bomber fleet for the second time inless than a year飞机的问题emergency egress system.This is this time has to do with how the drogue parachutes that stabilize the plane's ejection seats if the crew has to punch out.

Air Force Global Strike Command,which oversees all of the service's bombers,包括B-1bs,ordered the "safety stand-down"on Mar.28,2019,after uncovering the issue in at least one bomber assigned to an unspecified unit.There is no indication as yet as to how many Bones actually have a problem or how long it be before the fleet get flying again.

This isthe full statementfrom the command on the grounding order:

The Air Force Global Strike Command commander ordered a safety stand-down of the B-1B Lancer fleet March 28.

During a routine inspection of the B-1B drogue chute system,在整个车队范围内,可能存在的问题是锥套滑槽的索具问题。It appears to be a procedural issue and is unrelated to the previous problem with egress system components.As a precautionary measure,the commander directed a holistic inspection of the entire egress system.The safety stand-down will afford maintenance and Aircrew Flight Equipment technicians the necessary time to thoroughly inspect each aircraft.As these inspections are completed and any issues are resolved,aircraft will return to flight.


The emergency egress system in the B-1B involves both the Advanced Concept Ejection Seat (ACES) II ejection seats for the crew on board,as well as hatches in the upper fuselage that blow open before the seats send those individuals rocketing out of the aircraft.The drogue chutes help orient the seats after the initially leave the aircraft to prevent dangerous movements that could cause serious injuries or prevent the main parachutes from deploying properly.

The Air Force'sA10疣猪,B-2 Spirit,F-15C/D Eagle,F-15E Strike Eagle,F-16 Viper,andF-22猛禽飞机都使用联合技术公司(UTC)的座位。我们不知道在B-1B上安装锥套降落伞的程序,空军说这似乎是问题的根源,在所有有ACES II的飞机上都很常见。

In June 2018,空军在一次空袭后使B-1轰炸机停飞。harrowing in-flight emergencythat led to one of the bombers landing with one of the crew members sitting on a live,misfired ACES II.一项调查确定压接不当的零件had led to the malfunction in that case.The Air Force lifted that grounding order within weeks,but acknowledged that some aircraft were still potentially flying with faulty ejection seats,somethingThe War Zone是第一个报道的。

At present,there are no B-1Bs deployed overseas,the Air Force toldMilitary.comreporterOriana Pawlyk‏.2018年4月,a number of Bones had deployed to the Middle East to support operations against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.This U.S.military has been scaling this mission back since President Donald Trump declared his intention to withdraw from Syriain December 2018.美国称恐怖分子不再控制任何领土of Mar.22,2019,but the group remains active and a serious threat in the region.

The 万博体育怎么充值new grounding does come as the Air Force continues to struggle with improvingthe readiness ratesof combat aircraft across the service after years ofpersonnel shortages,constant combat operations,and预算问题.The Air Force did say it had finally rectified the shortfall in active duty maintainersin February 2019.

The B-1 fleet is also in the midst ofan upgrade programto improve the avionics and other mission systems on the aircraft.This includes installing万博体育怎么充值新型数字多功能显示器throughout the cockpit.


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