What's the Most Useless Car Accessory of All Time?

There's a hot dog roller grill inside this Jeep's bed box.


Jeep has just revealed something it callsthe Gladiator Top Dog Concept, an off-road and mountain bike-ready Gladiator that, for some reason, comes equipped with an electric hot dog roller grill in the back. Because the one thing outdoorsy mountain bikers need on their adventures is on-demand, freshly-cooked hot dogs. This got us thinking: What's the most useless car accessory of all time?

The built-in Lavazza espresso machine thatFiat once sold with the 500L? Or maybe it's thefalconry kit宾利安装选择Bentayga的副本。Or, perhaps, itsAcura's use of GPSto determine where the sun is in relation to the car and adjusts the climate control accordingly, an idea so unnecessary-yet-impressive we wouldn't be surprised to learn that the S-Class team over at Mercedes once kicked themselves for not coming up with it earlier.

Let us know in the comments below. Oh, and I should mention that we're officially granting five (5) internet stars to the first comedian to get "BMW turn signals" on the board.

While in-Jeep hot dog makers and satellite-based air con are novel and easy to poke fun at, there's actually one item much more commonplace that often has me scratching my head over why it exists: the power rear sunshade. I mean, I get that it's meant to block out the sun while still maintaining some level of outward visibility but not once have I been driving and thought to myself, "Gee, you know what'd be real useful right now? A perforated piece of plastic that rolls up at the press of a button and covers the rear window of this car."

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