How To Back Up a Trailer

Jackknives are cool in the pool, not when pulling trailers.

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So you want to back up a trailer? Whether that be taking the jet ski to the lake or snaking a trailer full of paver bricks to the backyard for landscaping, you’re gearing up for an adventure that’ll put your driving skills to the test.

诀窍需要备拖车uses the same simple techniques despite vehicle size, steering ratios, and the size of the trailer. Ultimately, the goal is to prevent hitting anything with the trailer or the vehicle and to avoidjackknifing, when the trailer and vehicle end up in a v-shaped position that could result in damage. That said, the task at hand will also present different challenges based on the space and surroundings.

Regardless of the mission, having the dexterity to place a trailer while in reverse is useful knowledge that can be tackled with a little guidance and a pocket full of patience. To aid in getting you backing up a trailer like a pro,驱动器裂缝如何队在这里帮助。准备好?


Estimated Time Needed:不到半小时

Skill Level:初级中级

Vehicle System:动力学

What Is Backing Up a Trailer?

虽然预告片将向前拉90 percent of its life, it’s the 10 percent when it’s pushed back that causes issues and frustration for inexperienced towers. This skill becomes valuable when launching a watercraft, stowing something away in a barn or garage, delivering supplies for a house remodel, or placing a pop-up camper at a state park. Even when you pull forward into a driveway, somebody’s gotta back it out!

Trailers operate somewhat counterintuitively as turning the steering wheel left will push the trailer right. Turning the wheel right will kick the truck’s rear end right and push the trailer left. Essentially, the direction the wheel is turned will be the opposite of the direction the trailer will go.



2021 Ford F-150

What Are Some Common Trailer Hitch Variants?


  • Weight-carrying: The most common hitch that does not feature add-on accessories for a weight-distribution system. Thus, the weight is loaded on the hitch.
  • Weight-distributing:使用诸如弹簧杆等加载项,重量分配挂接系统将拖车舌头分配到车辆的前轴和拖车轴上。
  • Fixed Tongue: Features with a permanent ball that cannot be removed.
  • Receiver: Features a hollow square tube where a variety of tongues or inserts, such as a bike rack, can be attached.
  • Gooseneck: A ball at the center of a truck bed is paired with a coupling on the trailer.
  • 第五轮: These hitches are typically used for heavier recreational vehicles. Similar to a gooseneck, it uses an attachment in a truck bed, but instead of a ball, there is a C- or U-shaped coupling that is mounted to the bed on a large plate. The trailer connects with a large pin and a plate of its own.
  • Pintle: This type of hitch pairs what is known as a pintle hook to a lunette eye. Basically, a hook connects to a circle. Typically used for heavy-duty commercial, military or farming settings.

What Are the Trailer Hitch Classes?

Overstressing any component involved in towing, whether that’s the vehicle, the trailer or the hitch, could be disastrous, so it’s important to know the differences between hitch classes.

  • Class 1:又称轻型,1级搭乘牵引毛重拖车重量高达200磅舌重量。这些通常在汽车和交叉带上找到,并具有1.25英寸接收器。
  • Class 2:又称常规职责,2级搭乘拖车拖车重量和高达350磅的舌重。这些通常在汽车,交叉路源和小型货车上找到,并具有1.25英寸接收器。
  • Class 3: Also known as Heavy Duty, Class 3 hitches can handle up to 8,000 pounds gross trailer weight and up to 800 pounds tongue weight. These are typically found on crossovers, minivans, SUVs, and light trucks and feature 2-inch receivers.
  • Class 4: Also known as Super Duty, Class 4 hitches can handle up to 10,000 pounds gross trailer weight and up to 1,000 pounds tongue weight. These are typically found on trucks and SUVs and feature 2-inch receivers.
  • Class 5: Also known as Extra Duty, Class 5 hitches can handle between 16,000-17,000 pounds gross trailer weight and up to 2,550 pounds tongue weight. These are typically found on trucks and SUVs and feature 2-inch receivers.
  • Class 5:又称商业职责,5级搭乘搭乘拖车重量18,000-20,000磅,舌重达2,700磅。这些通常在双重和底盘卡车上找到,并具有2.5英寸接收器。

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Backing up a trailer could quickly go south, so preparation is paramount. Here’s what you’ll need to do to ensure you don’t destroy property, injure yourself and others or crumple your trailer and vehicle.

  • Check your tires for adequateair pressurefor proper towing capability, stability and traction.
  • Check the security of the pin connector that links the truck to the trailer's brake and indicator lights and double-check that they function properly.
  • Balance between a vehicle and its trailer is crucial. If the vehicle is squatting, meaning the rear is lower than the front, there’s a chance the trailer is too heavy near the trailer’s tongue. If the rear of the vehicle is lifting, the trailer is likely too heavy near the rear.
  • The primary connection between the vehicle and the trailer is the hitch ball and coupling. Check to make sure the hitch ball is the proper size for the coupling and double-check that the coupling is locked in place.
  • Make sure the pin or a padlock on the coupling latch adds the final layer of protection from disconnection.
  • 大连锁,交联安全链充当防守的最后一墙,并在正确设置时类似于“X”。
  • Angle the vehicle’s side-view mirrors so that the vehicle, the trailer, the destination and the surroundings are all in view.
  • 保持窗户向下。你永远不知道何时喊到停止的人会拯救你数千美元。

2020 Ram 1500

Organizing your tools and gear so everything is easily reachable will save precious minutes waiting for your handy-dandy child or four-legged helper to bring you the sandpaper or blowtorch. (You still won't need a blowtorch for this job. Please don’t have your kid hand you a blowtorch—Ed.)

You’ll also need a wide, flat piece of pavement, such as a parking lot or nice quiet street. A parking lot is a great place to start, as there is more open area and the parking spaces can be used as guidelines. Once comfortable in a lot, try backing up into your driveway. This will allow you to practice backing into a spot at a 90-degree angle.

Everything You’ll Need To Backup a Trailer

If you have a stylish speckled-floor garage that has wrenches, hammers, saws, nuts, and bolts neatly organized in black and red Craftsmen chests, nice work. That’s beautiful, but you won’t need any of it, save for a couple things. The items below will prove useful in preparing for towing, forward or reverse.

Tool List


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Here’s How To Backup a Trailer

Let’s do this!

  1. 检查拖车的结、连锁店和制动和我ndicator lights.
  2. Get into your vehicle, put your foot on the brake, start the car, and move the shifter into reverse.
  3. 检查周围环境。
  4. Try to line up as straight as possible, with the desired destination aligned with the outside edges of the vehicle and trailer.
  5. 要意识到障碍,并尽量不要固定在他们身上,因为你一定要做什么你不想做的事情;击中他们。
  6. With a foot on the brake, slowly release to allow the idle to begin reversing the vehicle.
  7. Use the side mirrors to maintain your view of the intended destination. (In some cases, the driver will need to look over his or her shoulder.)
  8. Countersteer when necessary and continue to reverse until the trailer is in the desired position.
  9. Hit the brakes and shift the vehicle into park.
  10. If this is the final position, turn the car off and you’re set. If this is a drop-off, release the cargo and pull away.

You did it, congratulations!

It’s important to understand that there is a point where the backup is a failed mission and will need to be reset. If you notice your steering is a Mortal Kombat combo of left-right-left-right-left-right, it might be worth driving forward, returning to the starting point and trying again (there’s no shame in that!). The goal is to steer the trailer with a few smooth, continuous inputs.


2020 Nissan Titan XD

Pro Tips to Backup a Trailer

Here are驱动器’spro tips for how to backup a trailer.

  • Shift your hand position to the bottom of the steering wheel. With your grip on the lower part of the wheel, moving your hands left will result in the trailer angling left because the wheel is turning right. Move your hands right, and the trailer will angle right because the wheel is turning left. This might be more difficult for some, but many might find the direct correlation of movement to be helpful.
  • Use a spotter! No matter the experience level, safety nets are tremendously helpful. There are often blind spots when backing up a trailer, and extra eyes will make the process smoother and quicker.

2021 Ford F-150

How Often Do You Need To Backup a Trailer?

  • 每次需要发射船时,需要在网站上停放露营者,或者需要备份一个车道。

How Much Does It Cost To Set Up a Trailer?

  • Depending on thehitch type, needed accessories and labor, setting up your truck or SUV to towa trailer can cost anywhere between $10 and a couple thousand dollars.


Even with the right tools, the proper equipment and a high-tech truck, backing up a trailer can be a frustrating process. Take some of the guesswork out of the process with this simple and cheap hack.

  • 拿起四个木制销钉,或任何类型的长直杆,并在每个角落里放一个。这将缓解和辅助拖车的可见性,并帮助驾驶员随时跟踪其大小。当小型拖车从它附加到的大型车辆后面的视野遮挡时,这特别有用。